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You are probably wondering why I name my collars.  At first it was to make it easier in communicating with my customers which collar they would like.  So instead of saying, "I would like to order the blue collar with the pepperoni pizza on it" - it's much easier to say "I would like to order the Pepper!

All collars are made from high quality hardware including heavy-duty nylon webbing, heavy nickel plated welded D-Rings, contoured side release buckles, and fashion forward cotton fabrics.



And welcome to my shop! My name is Jennifer Keat and I am the proud owner of Coconut Collars. I am a HUGE animal lover, with 2 beautiful fur babies of my own, Matilda & Megan, and one fur angel, Lucifer (RIP my sweet boy).

I started this journey because of my love for animals and my fascination for fabric/colours. I also wanted to give back to the rescue community. Ultimately life is too short to not do what you love. DREAM BIG my friends!!

Thank you for visiting.




Interior Design, Maintenance, The President’s Rock and all around GREAT guy

Ryan and I have been married for 9 years, together for 15.  
You mean the world to me. Here's to traveling, our Bullies (& Lucy), the BLUEJAYS, the OILERS, and the PATS, and of of course US - I love you more than anything OMK. Thanks for the journey love, it's been a wild ride-and it ain't over yet ;)



PR and Quality Control

Matty is our 11 year old English Bulldog and is the most sweetest girl.  Snores like a trucker though ;)  Matty came into our lives shortly after Ryan and I bought our first house - the perfect addition!  Lucy was confused at first, but welcomed her with open paws.  She loves to snuggle and takes care of her little sister - Megan.  
Daddy's little girl - WE LOVE YOU!

*Sadly, our beloved Matilda passed away January 21, 2019. We miss you every day sweet girl. We will hold tight to all of our wonderful memories of the amazing life we had with you. Love never dies…….



Vice President

Oh Geez... Where do you start with Meg?  First she can clear a room like no other... lol. She is our 9 year old English Bulldog and is ALSO a sweetheart but a smidge more of a handful than Matty.  
She's a firecracker and keeps her Mom and Dad on their toes.  But we also love her to bits... Momma's little girl.


Heavenly Supervisor

By far my first love.  There are no words.  Ok, maybe a few...
Growing up I was a "DOG GIRL".  And then I met Lucy. - my beautiful black cat.  I rescued him at 8 weeks old.  They told me "he" was a "she" at the time, hence Lucifer - Lucy for short.  Then we discovered that Lucy was a "he".  No big whoop but by that time the name Lucy had already stuck ;)  
He was with me during my most difficult times, and I don't know what I would have done without him.  Lucy passed on January 19, 2016,  but he is forever in my heart. RIP my sweet boy.  He was 3 weeks shy of his 15th birthday - February 14.



A portion of sales from every collar sold will go to Earthdogs: Terrier Rescue of Manitoba.

"Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba Inc. is a not for profit group dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of Terriers, primarily those who fall under the Earthdog category, aka "Scruffs".

There are many words used to describe terriers: feisty, courageous, spirited, lively, curious, energetic, hearty and spunky are just a few. Terriers are also often described as being "big dogs in small bodies". 

Our favourite quote about terriers goes "Asking a terrier not to bark is like asking a bird not to fly."

Although our primary focus will be on terriers, we will also help any other breed as we are able. It is our mission to place all of our dogs in the home that is best suited to provide them with their needs for the rest of their lives."